We are pleased to receive in our yard in June a Thai bulker Thor Nitnirund, a young vessel in their fleet with 61,190 DWT built in 2016.

She visited us after some grounding damaged part of her hull. Many works required for high technique level had been done on her as propeller and shaft maintenance, rudder checking and cleaning, engine overhaul, pipes, and valves renew, repaint hull, steelwork, etc. More than 300 tons of steel had been replaced.

Successful completing to satisfaction of owners in pandemics time is also a commendable effort from our team.

Despite this is the first cooperation between us, the success from this project surely starting forming our partnership



It is a tradition in Vietnam that everyone wants things clean and perfect in and after Tet holidays. They believe if everything is clean and smooth in and after these days then it will be so in the whole year. Therefore, the last month of a lunar year before Tet (normally, the second half of January and the first half of February) is usually the busiest time in a year. Women are busy with shopping and spa. Men are busy with fixing/maintaining vehicles. Families are busy with cleaning houses. Everyone got things to mind.

Just like others, our “ladies” are also busy with surveys and having new coat of paint. Within one month leading to February 10, 2021, we successfully secured and received 10 ships.

Golden Bright is one of the 10 ships passed by Nosco Shipyard for surveys and we had her painted with a new coat of paint, among other works. Thanks to the hard work of our employees, she departed Nosco Shipyard on February 6, 2021 heading home for Tet. Well done and see you next time.

We are always honored to serve VIMC, a company with long in Vietnam’s marine industry, for drydocking services and upgrades of their fleet.

M/V Vinalines Unity was the first vessel from Vinalines fleet that we have completed in 2021. This once again ensures a fruitful relationship between Nosco Shipyard and VIMC.

Thanks to VIMC for trusting and supporting us in many years that contributed to this successful survey.

Fairwinds and smooth operations our friends.

Tay son 03 made a brief stop in Nosco amidst the new Covid-19. She is among many vessels that arrived and departed our yard during the difficult times. This time she came to us for her damage steel repair. More than 20 tons of steel had been replaced in 10 days.

We wish her fair winds and following the sea.