M/V Hai Ha 988 (formerly known as Ocean Queen) recently back to work after months of resting. She is a 53,505 DWT bulk carrier built in 2010. After an overhaul at Nosco Shipyard, she had joined Hai Ha fleet to continue her missions. We are so proud to become a trusted place for many big ships at her size.

During her stay, many of the work had been proceeded, including repainting of hull and cargo hutches, new BWTS installed, valve replacement, cleaning up of tanks, propeller works and others.

We hope this successful project will bring her luck in the long trips coming.

Nosco Shipyard is proud to serve another vessel in Vosco fleet and this time is Sunrise. She was launched from our platform in June after 12 days on her bay for her maintenance. Goodbye Vosco Sunrise and see you next time


We are pleased to welcome another beauty from Viet Thuan Group. Viet Thuan 235-01 came our yard in May for her fifth special survey (SS5).

Her docking project has been proceeded in 18 days including repainted hull, repair and cleans up shaft propeller, valves replacement among other works. Look at the pictures below to see how different our team had done on her.

Thank you, Viet Thuan Group for your trust in our dedicated service. Just come and sit, we are also ready for your next projects this year.

The 74,000 dwt bulk carrier – S’hail Al Dukhan, has recently visited us for a repair project after her bottom bow area damage. This damage altered her plan, and time to carry out the repair jobs is the most critical to her schedule. Put aside other options, she put all her trust in Nosco Shipyard for this repair project.

Her main task of works is steel cutting and replacing along with other regular maintenance works. After 24 days of hard work and more than 70 tons of new steel replaced, we successfully brought her back to the sea with our pleasure.

We hoping this will be the beginning of a long partnership between us.

Chemstar Jewel, a chemical tanker with 149 meters long and 21,313 DWT, departed NOSCO Shipyard in Quang Ninh (Northern Vietnam) on October 12, 2020 after eight days in dock.

During her dry docking, besides new coats of paint, we have conducted overhauling of main engine and turbochargers, shaft seals bonding and steel works in stainless steel cargo tank. Specifically, our team performed repairing to her duplex stainless-steel cargo tank and other works.

The ship owner’s representative, which is the largest ship management firm based in Singapore, along with the Class NK had expressed their satisfaction to the professional manner and dedicated service of NOSCO Shipyard

We are proud to announce completion of a repair project for one of our repeat customers – Viet Thuan. This time came to visited us is a young lady in their fleet, Viet Thuan 35-01 (ex-Polaris Melody). After years on the sea, now she needs some rest before start new missions. The main task in the work had included tailshaft withdrawal, clean up propeller, repainted hull, and cargo hatch.

It is a tradition in Vietnam that everyone wants things clean and perfect in and after Tet holidays. They believe if everything is clean and smooth in and after these days then it will be so in the whole year. Therefore, the last month of a lunar year before Tet (normally, the second half of January and the first half of February) is usually the busiest time in a year. Women are busy with shopping and spa. Men are busy with fixing/maintaining vehicles. Families are busy with cleaning houses. Everyone got things to mind.

Just like others, our “ladies” are also busy with surveys and having new coat of paint. Within one month leading to February 10, 2021, we successfully secured and received 10 ships.

Golden Bright is one of the 10 ships passed by Nosco Shipyard for surveys and we had her painted with a new coat of paint, among other works. Thanks to the hard work of our employees, she departed Nosco Shipyard on February 6, 2021 heading home for Tet. Well done and see you next time.