On October 22, 2020, Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs of Quang Ninh province (“DOLISA”) cooperated with NOSCO Shipyard to conduct a training on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) knowledge for workers at our yard in Quang Ninh (Northern Vietnam).

The instructor of the training, Mr. Hoang Manh Tung – DOLISA’s Inspector, emphasized that the purpose of the training is to provide our workers knowledge on, among other, rights and obligations of employees in the labor relationship with their employer. It is also believed that the training will benefit both of the parties by raising awareness of the workers on sense of responsibility to their works.

In the recent years, OSH is one of the top concerns of the BOD of NOSCO Shipyard to ensure safe working environment and reduce risks of occupational accidents. Together with training activities, NOSCO Shipyard shaped its internal inspection activities under firm cooperation of Safety Division, Environmental Division, Internal Inspector and Human Resource Department.

Eco Dynamic is a bulk carrier, was built in 2005 with 32,354 DWT and 177 meter long. On November 18, 2020, she departed our yard in Quang Ninh (Northern Vietnam) after her 3rd special survey. This time, NOSCO Shipyard had installed a new ballast water treatment system (BWTS) complying with new regulations for her, among other works. The new BWTS is expected to help protecting environment and as required by Ballast Water Management Convention, a


The Convention aims to prevent the spread of harmful aquatic organisms from one region to another and halt damage to the marine environment from ballast water discharge, by minimizing the uptake and subsequent discharge of sediments and organisms. From 2024, all ships are required to have approved BWTS. Therefore, we foresee a need for replacement/installment of BWTS of the foreign ships in the coming years and have well prepared for our valuable Customer whenever requested.