We are pleased to receive in our yard in June a Thai bulker Thor Nitnirund, a young vessel in their fleet with 61,190 DWT built in 2016.

She visited us after some grounding damaged part of her hull. Many works required for high technique level had been done on her as propeller and shaft maintenance, rudder checking and cleaning, engine overhaul, pipes, and valves renew, repaint hull, steelwork, etc. More than 300 tons of steel had been replaced.

Successful completing to satisfaction of owners in pandemics time is also a commendable effort from our team.

Despite this is the first cooperation between us, the success from this project surely starting forming our partnership



We are pleased to welcome another beauty from Viet Thuan Group. Viet Thuan 235-01 came our yard in May for her fifth special survey (SS5).

Her docking project has been proceeded in 18 days including repainted hull, repair and cleans up shaft propeller, valves replacement among other works. Look at the pictures below to see how different our team had done on her.

Thank you, Viet Thuan Group for your trust in our dedicated service. Just come and sit, we are also ready for your next projects this year.

We were recently received an emergency project of Eternal Luck – a Bulk Carrier was built in 1995 was having problems of her shaft propeller. With fully equipped marine facilities and a state-of-art Syncrolift, we smoothly took her to our dry dock for repair works after few hours arrived.

She came to us suddenly and this visit was unexpected for both of us but with a tight cooperation between her and our team, we managed to carry out her jobs successfully in just a few days (she came to us on the last night of Saturday and left on the early Monday next week).

Good works, team!

P/S: She came and left like the wind in a weekend that we failed to have her a good pic as usual.

We are proud to announce completion of a repair project for one of our repeat customers – Viet Thuan. This time came to visited us is a young lady in their fleet, Viet Thuan 35-01 (ex-Polaris Melody). After years on the sea, now she needs some rest before start new missions. The main task in the work had included tailshaft withdrawal, clean up propeller, repainted hull, and cargo hatch.

That is a bulk carrier comes from Bangladesh. She was built in 2008 with 56,055 DWT and 190 meters long. One of the reasons bringing her to Nosco Shipyard is the problems with her rudder system that require emergency repair. Thanks to the always-ready-ship-lift-system, we successfully docked her on Saturday, conducted survey and laid her down on Thursday next week. Truly fast and reliable.

After 5 days on dock, her problems with rudder system were fixed, also her hull was blasted among other works. She departed from Nosco Shipyard on January 7, 2021 with excellent feedback for service quality from our very first client of 2021.

Thanks to Akij Heritage, wish you best of luck and see you again.