On June 16, 2021, Nosco Shipyard purchased 5 tons of Bac Giang lychee to give to the Company’s employees and local residents. This activity is in response to the call of the Vietnamese Government and the authorities of Quang Ninh and Bac Giang provinces to support the consumption of local agricultural products.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in Bac Giang took place at the time to harvest lychee – a local specialty that is exported to many markets around the world e.g., US, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc. with retail price from VND350,000 – 500,000 per kilogram. Besides, the pandemic is getting worse all over the world and Vietnam, which has greatly affected the consume lychee and the life of farmers in Bac Giang province. In order to support Bac Giang province, the Government and provinces across Vietnam simultaneously launched a movement to support and uphold the spirit of Vietnamese people using Vietnamese goods. The purchasing is carried out by the local government of Bac Giang province, controlled and took place in an orderly manner to limit the spread of the COVID-19. It also helps preventing the purchase price falling too low.

We hopes to make a small contribution to share difficulties with farmers, and at the same time, this is also an opportunity for Nosco Shipyard’s employees to enjoy “genuine” Bac Giang lychee, which is fragrant and nutritious.

Chemstar Jewel, a chemical tanker with 149 meters long and 21,313 DWT, departed NOSCO Shipyard in Quang Ninh (Northern Vietnam) on October 12, 2020 after eight days in dock.

During her dry docking, besides new coats of paint, we have conducted overhauling of main engine and turbochargers, shaft seals bonding and steel works in stainless steel cargo tank. Specifically, our team performed repairing to her duplex stainless-steel cargo tank and other works.

The ship owner’s representative, which is the largest ship management firm based in Singapore, along with the Class NK had expressed their satisfaction to the professional manner and dedicated service of NOSCO Shipyard

We are pleased to present another completed project in our yard. This is another vessel from Tan Binh fleet, MV Tan Binh 45. She came to us for her fifth special survey (SS5). As same as her sisters, all repair jobs were proceed successfully as expected.

Good bye and see you next time.


We were recently received an emergency project of Eternal Luck – a Bulk Carrier was built in 1995 was having problems of her shaft propeller. With fully equipped marine facilities and a state-of-art Syncrolift, we smoothly took her to our dry dock for repair works after few hours arrived.

She came to us suddenly and this visit was unexpected for both of us but with a tight cooperation between her and our team, we managed to carry out her jobs successfully in just a few days (she came to us on the last night of Saturday and left on the early Monday next week).

Good works, team!

P/S: She came and left like the wind in a weekend that we failed to have her a good pic as usual.

Chembulk Yokohama (Yara) is a chemical tanker sailing for a Vietnamese oil and gas transportation company. She came to our shipyard for an extensive repair which is dominated by steel works. The main task is hull steel replacement with more than 20 ton of steel had been used, together with painting job.

All the jobs carried out during in 16 days and this succeed project was added in our completed projects list with pleasure.

Thanks for your visit. Wish you safe and sound in the next coming journeys.

We are recently made an impressive record in February: 7 repairs projects successfully carried out by our technical team.

Pioneer Elite is the third vessels departed from our shipyard after finished 13 days of her repairs period. Her main request for this time is repainted hull and steel work, more than 20 tons of steel had used for her. All the jobs took place on the right way as expected.

Good bye Pioneer Elite. Wish you fair wind and calm sea!

It’s VIMC again and this time is Freedom. She is the second vessel from Vinalines fleet that came to our shipyard for 3rd special survey (SS3), all the works proceeded successfully in 27 days and more than 15 tons of steel had been used.

We hope this succeeded project will be begin for others. Have a smooth sailing our friends.

We are proud to announce completion of a repair project for one of our repeat customers – Viet Thuan. This time came to visited us is a young lady in their fleet, Viet Thuan 35-01 (ex-Polaris Melody). After years on the sea, now she needs some rest before start new missions. The main task in the work had included tailshaft withdrawal, clean up propeller, repainted hull, and cargo hatch.

Tan Binh 279 had finished her special survey after 21 days on dry dock at Nosco Shipyard. The main scope of work is repainted the hull, clean up tanks and propeller. More than 2 tons of zinc had been replaced for corrosion resistance. All the jobs carry out in deep smooth. Our team were still working even harder for 2 more vessels from her fleet.

Congratulation to Tan Binh 279 with this succeed project. Good sailing and see you next time.

Maritime Lira, a chemical oil tanker visited Nosco Shipyard last month for her 5th intermediate survey and departed before Tet holidays and amidst new Covid-19 resurgence.Many of works had been focused on her during 21 days including outfittingrepainted hulltanks and propeller and shafting were clean up and upgrades, also new pipes valve system had been replaced. This project once again proves the #capability of our team.
All our employees and contractors had taken extra safety precautions and observed 5K advisory of the Government strictly (i.e., maskdisinfection, no crowd, distancing and medical declaration). Our local authorities managed to contain the spread within short period and our operations have been back to normalcy after Tet.

We are always happy to serve, wish you a new start filled with success and peace